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    Adobe Air Screensaver

      Is it possible to build cross platfrom screen savers with capabilities that rival that of Screentime media's connected Screensaver builder?

      I've looked around and come up with only this: http://www.apollohunter.com/browse/detail.php?id=91, but it works only with PC platform.

      I asking because I am dissatisfied with the implementation of Screentime's "STF" class that executes everything asychronously (and therefore relies on callback functions for every execution returning information, dramatically increasing complexity of any medium or larger size application development) with ActionScript 2.0. ActionScript 3.0 support is not yet available. Who knows if their AS3 version will be any improvement.

      Also, I've found Screentime to be VERY buggy. in one month they released several product updates because of bugs I've informed them about.

      Screentime's software as yet has no competition that I know about, but it appears that if Abode Air developers took to the challenge they would arrive at a screensaver far more powerful and simpler in implementation.