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    remove registration information MacOs Tiger

    marcbc Level 1
      Hi there,
      perhaps this shouldn't be the place to ask for this, but I think it's incredible that telephonic support from Adobe Spain is not giving me answers for this problem.

      I've registered a Flex Builder 3 Trial using a bought Flex Builder 3 Standard license, but it was an error, because we've also bought a Flex Builder 3 Profiessional license that was the one to be used.

      The problem, now I can't change from the standard to the professional version, because we've not bought an update from standard to pro, but 2 updates from Flex 2 to flex 3 (one to standard, by error, and one to pro, the one we want).

      Uninstalling Flex Builder is not enought, because when we install it again, it keeps the registration info from the Flex Builder 3 standard. Anyone knows how to remove this registration info, to license Flex Builder with the Professional license????

      Thanks in advance ,