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    Premiere Pro Crashes When Dragging Clip To Timeline

    marijnv54486264 Level 1

      I've tried so many things but to no avail, please help me I need this program for my studies, premiere used to work just fine for me.


      Since a short while Premiere Pro crashes on me everytime I drag a clip to the timeline without fail, in my 2 years of using premiere it has never done this.

      I can usually import the file just fine but as soon as the program has to load a preview of the file (like when dragging it onto the timeline) the entire program freezes up.


      What I've noticed is that my GPU usage will jump to 100% as soon as this crash happens. I can however play high spec games like monster hunter world etc. just fine and the drivers of the GPU are up to date so I don't believe the problem lays with the GPU or its software.


      I've tried changing to premiere 2018 and 2017 but both experience the same issue (although 2017 seemed to work for a little bit before crashing as well).

      I've also tried changing around certain settings like mercury playback, updating all kinds of drivers, resetting preferences, deleting my media cache, reinstalling the entire adobe package and creative cloud making sure I deleted every single trace of adobe that was left after uninstalling and more.


      I think the problem lays in the playback/previews of the clip. I'm at a total loss however and hope someone can help me out with this issue.


      Laptop Specs:

      Geforce GTX 970M

      Intel Core I7-6700HQ 2.60GHz

      16GB Ram

      4K 60Hz screen < (4K might have something to do with it, I don't know)

      Windows 10 version 1803