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    Video cannot play properly


      I recently bought an external capture-thingy, a Diamond VC500. It came with CyberLink PowerDirector, so I (stupidly) used that to grab a bunch of old VHS-tapes. So far, so good.


      The problem is, that when I import them into Premiere Pro, they look horrible! When it's playing, it looks like it inserts a full, green frame every other frame or so - I did a screencapture of it here:



      I tried running the files through GSpot and TS-doctor, and they both say it's fine with no errors.


      Skærmbillede 2019-02-28 21.33.13.png


      It also plays fine in VLC - oddly, Windows Media Player says it doesn't have a codec for it..?


      So, what gives? I would hate to start over, ripping all 45 or so tapes again, so I really hope someone has a soultion... :-)