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    importing gallery into main flash file

    sa22 Level 1
      i'm making my portfolio in flash, i have just about everything setup. all i need now is to import my gallery into it
      i made the gallery in a seperate file so i could copy it for other sections of the gallery later on.

      i've tried importing it onto the stage or into the libary but it doesn't seem to import anything apart from the items that r on stage in the gallery file. no action script. tried adding the script in myself but it doesn' seem to chg a thing!

      the gallery file and code u can find here: http://www.developphp.com/Flash_tuts/AS3_Dynamic_Elastic_gallery.php

      it's the same i have just with different colours and images that is all

      2 more small things.

      the file discription that is in the xml doesn't seem to show up letters.. if u look at the gallery example on the link above it just has 0-8 r 9. but in the xml it has something along the lines of "enter description here"
      and ideas how to chg that?

      is it possible once i have the file into my main file to resize it?

      thx in advance
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