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    Flare to RoboHelp Converter announced

    johndaigle Level 4
      Last year at WritersUA and STC in Minneapolis, several folks asked me if there is such a thing as a converter for taking a MadCap Flare™ project and converting it to an Adobe® RoboHelp® 7 project. After all, several other authoring tools have methods of converting RoboHelp to their formats. Now there is a Flare replacement for those who want to return to their familiar favorite RoboHelp, or just want to migrate to an easy-to-use tool that is powerful and author-friendly.

      This was developed by my company and is not an Adobe product. Latest details on the converter and how to obtain it for *free* are on my site:
      Flare to RoboHelp Project Converter on Showmethedemo.com

      As shown in the accompanying Adobe Captivate movie, the converter is just an .exe and a .dll. You click on the .exe and point it to a Flare .flprj file and then choose a folder to receive the converter RoboHelp project. It doesn't take long and you simply open the resulting .xpj in RH 7 and you're off to the races.

      Before Adobe announced its support for RoboHelp, some authors had tried Flare and were disappointed. One comment which is typical, "I expected Flare to be RoboHelp-like in its interface since some of the original developers were involved. Yet what I got was a very technical developer-looking interface that had a steep learning curve. I am a writer, not a developer and want my warm and friendly RoboHelp interface back." Then there was concern about Adobe's continued development. But now, after Adobe has demonstrated its accelerated support with two releases in one year and RoboHelp is now part of the brand new Technical Communication Suite, it is clear that RoboHelp will remain the leader and continue its innovation. (In this RoboHelp instructor's opinion, of course )

      Note: The converter does a pretty good job, but there are still some issues. Most have "workarounds". I'd appreciate any feedback on this. I'm also going to be releasing the source code on a Common Public License basis. Call it my welcome back to RoboHelp in time for WritersUA help conference in Portland next week. Be sure to look up myself, Peter Grainge, Rick Stone and David Locke while you're there. We'll be around the Adobe booth. I believe our RoboHelp instructor friend Matthew Ellison will be there as well.

      Thanx and let me know how the converter works for you!