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    Testing for network connectivity?

      I know there are the monitoring events to determine if you can get to particular http url or socket. But is there an api call I can make before I do a request to a server to determine if a network connection is there? Basically in case the user attempts to interact with the server between the the timeout settings of the monitor interval.

      thanks, scott.
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          By "network connection", I take it you mean a physical network connection? There's no API for this, nor would it tell you what you want to know. A machine can have a network connection without having network connectivity. In general, you have to simply attempt to contact the server and fail gracefully when it's not available.

          Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering

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            I am having an issue along these lines. If a machine goes into standby while a file.upload() is running it just stops uploading, but doesn't fire any events or anything so we have no way to error/recover when the machine comes back.

            I tried using air.URLMonitor() and air.Event.NETWORK_CHANGE but it isn't always firing for standby. It will fire properly if I pull the physical network cable but not on standby.

            Any help? This is my last bug before I can launch my app so any help is very appreciated!