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    Changes in a linked AE Comp don't apply real time on Premiere




      I think the title of this conversation speaks for itself. I work a lot with the integration After Effects-Premiere and Dynamic Link, which I find extremely useful. The Problem appeared a couple of days ago when I tried modifying a composition in AE. The changes I did to this composition didn't appear in the linked composition in Premiere. I closed both applications, restarted computer, unlinked and relinked AE comp, deactivating clips in the timeline... Nothing worked.


      Has that happened to anyone? Is there a solution to this problem?


      The only one I found is saving again the document with a completely different name and re-importing it in Premiere. Re-importing the document without having it saved with another name didn't work as well. The problem is, when I modify this document again, then I have to save and re-name it again. And I end up with 20 different files which is not so efficient.


      Thank you all!