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    Working with Lists?

      Ok, take a look at these lists and let us call these my entire collection of tic tac toe sets:

      (This is catalogued set number 1)

      cat, cab, bat, tab, all, can, nat, tan, fat

      (This is catalogued set number 2)

      sat, mat, lad, bat, dad, pat, hat, cat, dog

      Now, these numbers are, believe it or not, represent an actual tic-tac-toe session; but in a Linear fashion.
      They go from "word1" to "word9" in each set. Now the hard part:

      I want the program to check for a winner whenever these things happen:
      Is there a word in location "word1?"
      Is there a word in location "word4?"
      Is there a word in location "word9?"
      (This would give a diagonal "win" for tic-tac-toe from top-left to bottom-right)
      Like this, in binary:
      1 0 0
      0 1 0
      0 0 1

      I am trying to get this to check for ALL SETS that I have. Again, I have 100 sets, but I can get the picture if you can help me get these two catalogues to be "checked" by Director for the above pattern. I realize that I will also need to run all of the possible ways to win at tic-tac-toe, but I cannot egin to do that if I can't even get two simple sets to be checked. I realize I will need some sort of true/falses as well.

      How do I get Director to run something like this?
      From scratch?
      Step one: open script right?
      two: write script.
      three: How do I even begin to "stage" this?