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    Creating quicktime movie

    persius007 Level 1

      I have never used Adobe Flash and currently it is the only program I have available to create a quicktime movie with. I would like to ask if there is a tutorial available that will walk me through this process. I need to then take it into Premiere for editing. This portion I'm ok with.

      I currently have access to Adobe Flash CS3 Pro. If anybody can assist, I would greatly appreciate your help.

      Thank you.
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          I'm brand new to Flash too, but I will second persius007's emotion and cry for...HELP!

          I too am trying to export (or publish, doesn't matter which) my SWF file to a QT MOV for re-import into Premier Pro (why doesn't Premier have a direct import SWF option?), but no matter how I adjust settings (down-rev to Flash 5 or less, disable streaming audio, play with frame rates, image size, etc. etc. etc.) ALL I GET IS (wait for it)...

          Unknown error? How (un)professional.

          Grrrrr.............. Nearly everything about exporting and publishing in Flash seems to me utterly unprofessional. Export to AVI is supported by half-a-dozen codecs NONE OF WHICH WAS COPYRIGHTED more recently than 10 YEARS AGO!! NO export to DivX, WMV, etc. etc. etc. Sigh, so it looks like I've been Adobe-d again (isn't adobe a form of dried mud?).

          S/W: Flash 9, full CS3 package, PremierPro full box
          also added QT7 Pro just in case some special Apple-related codec might be involved

          System configuration:
          WindowsXP SP2
          Intel Core duo Quad 2 6600 CPU 2.4GHz 3.5Gb RAM
          nVidia Quadro FX 3450/4000 video card
          Creative SB X-Fi sound card

          Installed video codecs:
          DivX 6.8.0
          Indeo Video Interactive R4.5
          Indeo Video R3.2
          Indeo Video RAW YVU9
          Ligos Indeo Video 5.11
          Xvid MPEG-4 Video Codec

          PLEASE... does anyone out there have a clue about this "unknown error?" Flash 9/CS3 absolutely positively will not export or publish my SWF to MOV no matter what I try. Export to AVI only works in the Full Frames (Uncompressed) setting (other codec settings will export, but no video is visible upon playback, only the audio). Do I need an additional codec? Is there likely some sort of hardware conflict going on? Is there some burried setting in Flash that I am not setting right?

          I don't know whether the following means anything or not but I tried using the Flash Video Encoder to do something with the SWF file (I know, it doesn't look like FVEnc is supposed to be used for this purpose, but I tried). Anyway, FVEnc *did* in fact accept the SWF file into its queue, but displays a message "This file has no readable video track" and only generates an empty "SWD" file.

          Getting all crusted up out here in Adobe's dried mud.