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    Set SWF to 100% of remaining height

    Mike Chabot
      I have a Flex SWF file containing a DataGrid embedded in a ColdFusion
      site. The navigation and logo bar are outside of the SWF. What I want
      is for the DataGrid to fill 100% of the remaining height. Setting
      height="100%" doesn't work since the calculation doesn't seem to
      factor in that some space is already taken up by the logo area. So if
      the logo area is 100px high, the grid is 100px off the screen at the

      What is the easiest way to solve this problem? I could use JavaScript
      to calculate the available height and set the height of the SWF using
      JS. I would imagine this problem has already been solved by other
      people before, so I thought I would ask first before starting to come
      up with JavaScript code.

      Thank you,
      Mike Chabot