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    Free templates

    MikeJoow Level 1

      Hello Adobe members!


      I use Adobe Premiere Pro for the video editing of my holiday flights. I make reports and more videos that have to do with aviation.

      Now I am looking a nice free intro that I can use but which also has to do with my kind of videos. Also, it would be nice if I can handle some text in, for example, the destination of the flight or the flight number.


      I have looked on the internet but I'll only expensive paid templates.


      My question to you is where I can find free templates fun?

      Tips are so welcome.

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          jasontcox Adobe Community Professional

          Premium Beat and Motion Array offer a handful of free motion graphic templates (MOGRTs) for free in addition to their paid stuff, as well as Adobe Stock (built right into the Essential Graphics panel), but if you want the GOOD stuff, youre going to end up paying $$

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            Roland Kahlenberg MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            I developed typeGEMs V2 (t2), as a MoGRT to be a starting point for lots of text requirements in PPro. Think of t2 as an alternative to PPro's titling tool. More info and download details in this threadRe: FREE Motion Graphics Template - typeGEMs V2 (FREE/LITE version with 40 Text Presets))


            The FREE version comes with 40 Text Presets within a MoGRT and a delimited set of features.

            Only the paid version includes PPro templates, which includes PPro Shapes for a more complete look and feel for the text animation/presets.

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Jason and Roland gave spot on advice.


              The freebies take a bit of modifications to  make them actually "you". Maybe opening in AfterEffects and modding there for better choices in Pr.


              Roland's plugin app has some very fine choices preselected to be included in the user choices edited within the EGP edit panel. Which make an amazing array of personalized text/color/graphics choices available.


              Also, Adobe bought Jarle Leirpoll's ebook "Making MOGRTS" and has it available on their sites for free. A detailed explanation of creating mogrts in Ae and using basic scripts to extensively modify things, and how to export those to use and further modify in Pr. (I'm a credited spell-checker/grammarian for that).



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                Carlos Ziade Adobe Community Professional

                Check this from Motion Array:

                Travel Memories - Premiere Pro Templates | Motion Array


                Their subscription is not expensive, you will subscribe for 29$/month and get unlimited downloads including music.

                + you can check out their free stuff and filter the search to Premiere Pro Templates ...


                Adobe Stock mogrts are a good suggestion but unfortunately, video/image placeholders are not

                yet available, so contributors there are limited to creating only text, motion graphics, shapes, etc,

                but video/image placeholders are still not much practical.


                Roland Kahlenberg's tool seems interesting to me! and yes as Neil suggested, studying Jarl Leirpoll's ebook is great!


                Hope this helps

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                  MikeJoow Level 1

                  Thanks for the comments.. But it's still not really something I'm looking for.

                  I find something as nice intro. No picture sildeshow or text effects.

                  See for example this: After Effects Template : Airport Departure Board - YouTube



                  I find such a thing but then free and what has to do with aviation.

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                    Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You may want to consider purchasing an intro.  You will be more likely to find one that you like.

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                      MikeJoow Level 1

                      I have find someone.

                      check this video: [Express Project] Round the World-Opening - YouTube

                      This template is only for Power director. (This program I used before.

                      I can use the image, of course, but I can also create this text effect in Adobe Premiere? If so how? Then I can create something of fact

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                        Carlos Ziade Adobe Community Professional

                        For this kind of text animation, better do it inside After Effects.

                        Premiere Pro is not really designed for this kind of advanced animation,

                        you can achieve something close but it will take lot of processing, effort and time (nesting, etc...)...

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