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    New to flex - help

      I need to work on an existing app. I have to modify some screens. Can any one please help me with the following.

      1) How can i know how flex is communicating the CF?
      2) Is the application is an executable? If i need to update an existing page, what will be the page extention?
      3) I have differenciate the user role. If the user belong to admin group i need to enable or disable some buttons. How can i do it?
      4) Are there any samples to use the tab's
      5) Are there any samples step by step projects that i can use to learn more about flex?

      Thank you.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Much of what you wish to know can be found in the FB help system. When communicating with CF you can check the result event to see what was returned, maybe simplify the CF part till you know something is being returned, then move toward the original CF functionality.

          Flex apps are SWF files, that are certainly executable by themselves, but are usually wrapped in an HTML file. The source for a Flex app will be .mxml and .as (ActionScript).

          You could have a function that accesses the user's role and enables the buttons as appropriate.

          See the help system on the TabNavigator container.

          The FB help system has lots of great info on building Flex apps. These help system topics will be of great use:
          Getting Started with Flex Builder
          Developing Applications in MXML
          Building User Interfaces for Flex Applications