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    Scaling Problems

      I have a action script 3 project in flex 2 and I am seeing some sort of auto scaling that is causing me grief. This is a pure actionscript project. In my main class i have a background added and the background image size is the exact same size as the flash window(700x500). This is specified in the html that launches the swf.
      The problem is that the image is being stretched such that a large portion of it is off the bottom of the window. Using screen capture, i was able to confirm that the visible area is 700x500. If i add a component thats 50 in height, and screen cap it, it ends up being more like 80 in height.
      What i really want is a 1 for 1 pixel representation, or for it to scale to fit whats in the html, such that there is never anything cut off.
      If anyone has any ideas how this might be happening I would love to hear it.