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    Swapping Pictures

      In Flash, I have a simple picture game where you just select the corresponding image when the word appears. Is there an ActionScript where the arrangement of the images changes each time the word appears? And per frame, there are four images.

      Here's a link to the game if you need to see how it works:

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          C-Rock Level 2
          you could create an array of the names of the images/movie clips and randomly scramble the array each time and move them according to their position in the array. position 0 in the array would be the starting point say 0,0. and position item 1 would be 200, 0. and 3 would be 0,300, and 4 could be 200,200. this would space all four items out in a square.
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            Mason_Sklut Level 1
            Which code would I use for placing the images in certain spots (x, y coords)?