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    Robohelp 5X Single Source Layout

      Unable to produce printed documentation from Single Source layout. Situation occurred after a previous failed attempt to print documentation, user aborted processes. Now no longer able to produce any printed documentation. Receives error "Failed to generate...... see log file for compilation error". The log file located indicates that the process of producting word output fails to at the point of creating the word document. Is there a file which may be corrupt? Reinstalling Robohelp undesirable, reinstalling Word same deal. Can anyone help?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Welcome to the forum.

          Does this occur with all projects or just one? Create a new single topic project if necessary to test.

          What version of Word are you using?

          Not sure why reinstalling RH is undesirable as it only takes minutes. Don't try that yet though, just want to understand the issue.

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            Tap_Dog Level 1
            Yes, first time to the forum - enjoy reading all about Robohelp. Used it for about 5 months now, previously used HDK.
            There are two users, me and another person. I can produce the printed documentation from my pc, but the other cannot not.
            No, we haven't tried another project so will give that a go when I return to work on Monday.
            Word 2003 which is our departmental standard on XP OS.
            Work in a highly restricted environment, no ability to install any products or patches, controlled by Information Services. No access on this pc to C Drive although Robohelp appears to be installed on a logical drive D:\.

            Known problems installing Robohelp due to restrictions and licensing issues. Have two accounts, one for developing/publishing and one for just authoring. This has caused problems in the past, resulting in delays of several days due to the lack of knowledge of the product by IS.

            Nothing has changed, no new programs, no patches, nothing. After the process of print documentation was aborted when Word was apparently open at the time for another reason, the problem appeared.

            Have checked security levels on Word and changed to Medium but still problem persists.
            Have performed a cold start on pc and opened Robohelp on affected pc but still problem persits.
            Renamed normal.dot and allowed Word to recreate it.

            Any pointers to fix this would be appreciated, is there any truecode that might be causing the problem? Has Robohelp lost its association with Word?
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              I hate these posts where IT believe they can install software any old way they want.

              Is it that you were able to create printed documentation and now cannot OR that you have never been able to?

              Was RH installed with your logon with admin rights? Do you still have those admin rights? Unless you have RH7, it is unlikely to work unless done that way.

              My guess is this is down to the location of your normal template and perhaps it is locked down in some way, on a network or suchlike.

              Once you step outside the normal install, problems do ensue and there is not much anyone can do. It's a bit like your transport department saying they are going to run cars on three wheels only and you wondering why you keep getting these scraping noises.

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                Tap_Dog Level 1
                The user had until this Friday been able to produce an output from printed documents.
                The version is RH5X not RH7.
                The location of the normal template is as it is with my pc on C:\ which this user has no access.
                Use Robosource Control so is it possible that the template itself is held on the server?
                Configuration on my pc allows me to view and access C:\ but not all files or folders.
                Installation is done by remote by Service Desk logging in with administrative rights for installation and configuration of all applications. Neither of us have rights to install even under our "developers" profile account.
                Indications that the template if the problem is at least a point for me to check.
                During my research before writing to this forum indicated there may be a file that has been corrupted affecting the user's ability to produce an printed document, article at work so memory was it was a hhr file???
                By the way, we did a comparsion of settings and there didn't appear to be any difference.