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    What´s this help not working in RH7

    robert-sfl Level 1
      Two problems with What´s this help in RoboHelp 7 compared to X5:

      First, I have to create an empty TXT-file with correct file name myself because RoboHelp wont do it for me. Then I open this empty text file in RoboHelp to proceed.

      Then, if I add help text and save, RH pops up a strange error message sying that the content may be lost. If I confirm and save, then the TXT file is still OK when I open it in notepad (besides a lot of spaces). But when I open it in RoboHelp the next time, all entries are gone.

      This is the german version of the TCS bought in October (no general Update is evidently available yet). This version has a few problems anyway, e.g. the online help of Robohelp is not linked to the program, you can only start it directly out of the program folder.