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    Q and W not working

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      I'm running Premiere pro CC 2017 and suddenly Q and W have stopped working, on top of that I cannot select tracks on the left side, source patching, i source patch audio on and off many times while editing, again this is something that worked two days ago now it's broken.

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          one update: source patching magically reappeared suddenly, and literally, while I wasn't looking... the V1 and A1 reappeared. I think i opened different sequence and when I closed it the ability to source patch came back... that's odd, don't know why Adobe programed their software to do that.


          Also, i looks as though while the W still does nothing, zooming in far enough revels the Q shortcut to be ripple deleting one frame at a time from the right side of the playhead, so that's like 4 times as bad as if it just did nothing.


          The keyboard preferences have not been changed.

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            an update: restarted premiere and source targeting ability is gone again...



            this thing on????

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              vishuagg19 Adobe Community Professional

              "again this is something that worked two days ago now it's broken." Did you update the OS or GPU drivers, If yes then the update might be causing the issue with Premiere Pro, I would suggest you use updated premiere pro version 13.0.3. which is Premiere Pro CC 2019


              However, you can try resetting the preferences of the Premiere Pro CC 2017


              Here is how you can reset the preferences: -

              Press Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) while launching Premiere Pro. You can release the Alt key or Option key when the splash screen appears.

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                Mike Dziennik Adobe Community Professional

                I hesitate to state the obvious, but do you have a clip loaded in the source monitor? If you don't, then you have no tracks to patch and hence they won't appear.

                Assuming that you do have a clip loaded, and no patching blocks are visible...what happens if you perform an insert/overwrite edit?

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                  I already had CC 2018 and CC 2019 on my home computer, open the current project in all three and saw the same thing...


                  I opened a new scrap project and imported some random clips, cut them up a dozen or so times... Q and W still don't ripple delete unless it's one frame at a time.


                  I just got to work, my computer here running CC 2017 is doing the same thing... no Q or W, shortcuts are mapped correctly according to the preferences.

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                    just reset the preferences, still nothing changed. 

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                      vishuagg19 Adobe Community Professional

                      it sounds wired...I used the Q & W shortcuts in Premiere Pro CC 2019 v. 13.0.2 in mac os x 10.14.3 and it works perfectly fine for me.


                      You're not able to achive the following as explained in the video from 0:54 to 1:03 - How to Trim videos in Premiere Pro 2017 (Q,W) - YouTube