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    startDrag volume slide on regular and fullscreen clips

      I have a video player that has controls based off of the NetConnection stream. all of the controls work properly, both in normal and fullscreen mode.

      One thing that won't remain positioned when in either mode is the volume control bar. I have a MC that is set up with a drag control bar (slide up, volume up). this works fine - however once a user drags up (and sets the position / volume) and then goes into fullscreen...the secondary volume control's slide bar isn't in the same position as the regular view's volume control. The Volume, however is more than fine since this is set based on the NetStream's audio.

      So what I'm having issues with is how to get the position of one volume controller and set it for the other and vice versa. The controls need to be set in the same positions no matter if they are in regular or fullscreen mode. at the bottom of the page will be the code I use for this. I wasn't sure if having a listener would do any good since the mouse position must be set in the release / stopDrag(); block of code. Or a way to compare the ._y position of the mouse once drag is complete (i.e. if in fullscreen, check the ._y position of regular screen mode, set the volume MC ._y position in fullscreen then allow drag).

      any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!