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    Flash Slide Show - need to convert jpgs to symbols

    Ken_Nielsen Level 1
      Flash beginner here,

      I'm making a slide show, one slide at a time with alpha fades overlapping so each image will fade in while the next fades in. Tell me if my workflow can be improved:

      1.) I imported all the pre-sized jpeg images into the library

      2.) I then brought one image onto the stage and converted it to a symbol so I could apply the alpha fade.

      3.) I create a new layer and repeat the process with the next image down the timeline with fades.

      This is a slow one-by-one process. I'm wondering if there is a better way. For instance, one thing that would have helped streamline the process was if I could have converted all of the images in the library to symbols in one fell swoop, let the new symbol take on the name of the jpeg image without the .jpg extension would have been good enough.

      Also, re-creating the identical 'fade in, hold and fade-out' routine over and over seems like it would have been better if I could have copied that routine from one timeline and pasted it to the next while being able to highlight that area and slide it down the time line 100 frames, would also have helped the process.

      Any tips on how I could have done it better, smarter?