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    Requirements for RoboSource Control

      We are looking at using Robo Source Control 3 (with RoboHelp 7) for project management. Do I need a dedicated server for the server Robo Source Control server piece? Can Robo Source Control be used remotely. In other words, can teleworkers login from home and check files in and out with out any issues?
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          No, it doesn't have to be a dedicated DB server, but it does need to be running on a SQL server. If you know the approximate size you need, ask your local DB geek if you can squeeze on an existing server (cheapest method for my team).

          See Matthew Ellison's article under the Developer Center for using RoboSource Control and our DB's were able to get me up, through DEV, and into PROD in under four hours. Again, provide them these instructions and that will help them tons.

          If the remote workers already have remote access, the client component installed with their RoboHelp client on a machine they have access to (their home PC or a remote one in your enterprise), and they have the permissions to the DB server, they will have no problems. You will want to setup a few users with their initial login to the DB server ON SITE so you get the hang of how to setup permissions. It can be tricky the first time you add new users to the database.
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            Thanks for the info and the link!