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    Batch exporting multicam sequences doesn't work


      Hi All,


      I'm having a problem with exporting more than one multicam sequence at a time. If I export a single timeline directly from Premiere, it works fine, but as soon as I say "Queue" to Media Encoder rather than "Export" directly the problem occurs.


      Basically, the problem is that Media Encoder ignores the Lumetri grades (including LUTs) that I have put on the original clips in the layered multicam source sequence. I have mostly 4K footage, but also one HD camera, and the multicam layer sequence is HD, as is the edited sequence.


      I _would_ simply flatten the multicam shots in the edited sequence, except for the fact that many of them have stabilisation on them, and then they need to be re-nested because of the size difference.


      I think this is a bug, since direct export works. Does anyone have a workaround so that I can set a bunch of them off over the weekend, instead of baby-sitting them individually?





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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          My guess from your post is simply that the LUTs you're using are not stored on-disc in the correct place. Therefore Me doesn't see them.


          Quite a few people are STILL storing LUTs in the Program folders for Pr, in the same folders that the included LUTs/Looks are stored. Bad practice. And leads to things like this behavior.


          There are places on the computer for both Macs and PCs where all the Adobe video apps will look and find the LUTs and Looks you create, buy, acquire from online, whatever. In the following charts, you need to add the final "Technical" and "Creative" folders, then put your own LUTs/Looks in there.


          Lumetri LUTs Looks Findable Locations.PNG

          Technical of course will be used in the Basic tab, Creative in the Creative tab.


          Put your LUTs/Looks there, and then relaunch Pr. They will now appear in the drop-down slots in both Basic and Creative tabs along with the other ones that are included with the program. They will be used across Pr, Me, and AfterEffects. Note that they will appear in computer-ese alpha-numerical order. 101 coming before 20. Use a bit of naming convention of some sort, and yours will pop up first.