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    martinjamesroberts1 Level 1

      I have made a serious boo-boo here. (I think)

      I just spent quiet some time making an entire flash web site which now I have checked is at 24fps.... is this going to look awful on the web once uploaded?

      Is there any way I can sort it out without getting the juddery effect when I drop the frame rate back down?

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          alanwallace4 Level 1
          Is there any specific reason why you want to drop your framerate down?
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            martinjamesroberts1 Level 1
            Hi Alan,

            Many thanks for getting back so quick - being a bit of a newb I'm just not too sure if this will be ok for web output as I have read that 12fps is the norm - the swf is 2.4mb in size..

            thanks again
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              Rothrock Level 5
              12 was the norm back in the mid-90's. Nowadays, 24 is a pretty reasonable rate for most machines to handle -- many could go much faster. Most films are 24 and TV is (more or less) 30, so you should be fine.

              The only reason you wouldn't be fine, is if your entire audience consisted of folks running old Macs or even older Windows machines. They would have a hard time of it.

              If you are seeing jittery stuff, there may be some optimizations that could be made. But in the end 24 is a totally reasonable rate.
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                martinjamesroberts1 Level 1
                phew that's a relief it's took me along time to set the whole thing up! I only realised at the last second.

                Thansk for you help!
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                  rlc5611 Level 1
                  Isn't the frame rate determined about by the first level0 movie? I'm not suggesting that 12 fps is a good thing but you don't need to republish hundreds of SWFs just to change frame rate. Why not go for more?
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                    martinjamesroberts1 Level 1
                    I only saw the jitteryness (if that's a word) when I put the frame rate down to 12fps from 24fps. I have no idea how I would up this further, although I'm happy with it as is... only problem I do have is I imported some web banners into the file that I've done at 12fps and they are double as fast!!