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    CS3 issues in OSX Leopard

      I'm seeing a number of issues running CS3 on my new macbook. Most noticable is the lag. Not so much moving objects around (like the memory issues with older versions), but when I select an object or layer, it takes a second for the handles/outlines to appear. Also, I'm having all kinds of trouble cutting and pasting text within Fireworks. I've also suffered a random crash.

      I've been a long time user on both PC and Mac but have never run into these problems. Has anyone else experienced this?

      I'm running it on a 2.2 macbook, with 4gb of ram. Leopard OS.
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          I switched from a PC to Mac a few month ago and must say Fireworks CS3 on both my iMac and MBP running Leopard and Tiger is a piece of work. it really is. slow, takes forever to save a file, typing text is slow, any brush tool is buggy and jitters. At work I use Fireworks 08 on a low-end PC and it fly. I guess Adobe and doing whatever they can to get reed of Fireworks and have people use PS and AI to do the job which is crazy and unprofessional.

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            I am having the same problem with Fireworks CS3 on my iMac with Leopard. Drives me crazy waiting for the palette!
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              pixlor Level 4
              You know...Leopard came out after Fireworks CS3. Apps don't always run perfectly on new OSs, no matter what platform. Many of my husband's music and audio apps, that worked fine under Panther won't run at all under Leopard.

              I have Vista and Fireworks runs well on it, with the exception of the bitmap tools for which the Aero theme needs to be turned off. It's a workaround, not a fix. Every new OS offers up this...er, adventure in application compatibility. You have three options: drop back a level in your OS, hope for a bug fix, or wait for the next release of the software.

              To run his music and audio apps, my husband made his computer dual boot with Leopard and Panther. You might try a dual boot with Leopard and Tiger or whatever other OS you have available. Run Fireworks under Tiger and see if you don't get better response.
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                The problem here is that I haven't seen any indication from Adobe that they're ever going to fix any of the Leopard FW issues, so until then I either have to not use Leopard, or not use Fireworks.
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                  Interactionhero Level 1
                  Until they fix these bugs, I'm getting royally screwed. I finally make the decision to switch to a Mac and throw down the money for the Web Premium package, only to find out it doesn't work properly in Leopard. So now I have to work on my PC when I use FW. *******' SUCKS!