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    premier pro CC 2017.1 crashed


      Hi guys, tried searching in the forum for an answer to this problem but couldnt find it.


      I was using premiere pro CC 2017.1 version, almost finishing with a project, making some final adjustments and suddenly premiere crashed giving me the attached image error.

      After it closed i restarted de program and it asked me if I wanted to recover the last file that closed unexpectedly. I clicked YES, so it asked me to generate a new copy of the file.
      It started saving this new copy of the file but again the same error showed up. Tried opening the file several times but again and again the same error.
      Im only able to open the original file, but somehow that file lost half of the edit! Seems like the auto saving wasn´t working as it should!


      Please could someone tell me if ill be able to recover this file?



      DiegoCaptura de pantalla 2019-03-09 a la(s) 12.29.34.png

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          Kulpreet Level 2

          Hi Diego,


          Start a new project in Premiere Pro and import your project file into the new project.
          Let us know if that helps.





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            diegoweisz Level 1

            This actually worked!

            - To keep in mind:
            1- when I import the project i doubled clicked the sequence so it will load on the timeline and again it gave me the same mistake that before and the program crushed.
            2- tried one more time, but this time first I made a new sequence, then I grabbed the old sequence and drag it over the new sequence, this actually worked!
            Saved the file and boom! ready to go.


            If your answer had arrived 4 hours before it would have save me a lot of time... during the 4 hours I re-edited the whole thing that was lost hahaha..


            Still, THANKS for your answer! i´ll keep it in mind for the next time!
            (*sorry for my english, I tried to explain it the best way)