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    garbage characters appearing in help topics converted from RH6 to RH7

    pjv@gs Level 1
      We have a couple of FlashHelp projects that we're converting to RoboHelp 7. Documents were in imported from Word to create topics and although the true code showed an asci character that looked like a thick vertical bar for dashes (em dashes), ellipses, and smart quotes, everything displayed fine in RoboHelp 6.

      We just started converting these same RH6 projects to RoboHelp 7 and now, we're getting garbage characters in place of smart quotes, em dashes, etc. when we display the compile help topics. What's weird is that the characters look fine when your in WYSIWYG mode -- you have to display the topic to see the funky characters.

      With 900 topics in one project and 400+ in another, going through the true code to find these funky characters is going to be time consuming and painful. Did it for a couple of small projects (less than 100 topics) and it took me a couple of hours -- switching back & forth between WYSIWYG and true code.

      I tried using the search and replace tool to fix the smart quotes throughout the project and it caught some but not all. Seemed to capture the opening quote but not the end quote.

      Any suggestions on how to quickly fix these problems without going topic by topic through the project file checking the true code.