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    Having difficulties trying to pass text values from flash to php

      Hi Gurus,

      Flash 9, Apache2.2 (PHP enabled), Actionscript 2

      After reading numerous sites about my problem (using google, the online bible), I still cannot get my website to pass flash text box values to php.

      Flash Section:
      Contact Us section that contains whole lot of input text boxes. on (release) of the button, it will load the variables (LoadVars.LoadVariables.... and LoadVars.sendAndLoad with POST method) to a specific php page located in the root of my Web Server.

      PHP Section:
      Retrieved variables $_POST["whateva"]; and print it correctly.

      Flash Section:
      If the PHP variable is set to $_POST[] it trace's blank, but if I set the PHP variable to a static string value then the trace would reflect the string value.

      What am I doing wrong? Does anyone have sample files I could look at??

      Kind regards
      Adrian aka stressed on Chinese New Year