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    Sharing a Premiere Pro project's files with another editor?


      I can't seem to find any definitive answer to this, other than random anecdotes, but I figured I'd ask myself.


      I have a Premiere Pro project that I need to share with an editor over the Internet. This person is in another country and there is no quick or easy way to do "sneakernet" in the timeframe necessary.


      I used the Project Manager to export my project, but it included all of the proxy files. The project now amounts to over 300GB. There is no way I can send this over the Internet fast enough with my 5 megabit upload speed. (Rough calculation shows this would take almost one week of my upstream being used 100% of the time. I need to get the project to the other editor within three days.)


      Since the proxy files are based on mp4 files from a camcorder, which are still in the project, would it be safe to just delete the proxy files and send the project? Could the remote editor then regenerate the proxies and relink them?  If the proxy files are excluded the project shrinks to about 24GB, which I can upload in about 12 hours.