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    Eclipse/Flex Builder Getting Slower

      As my project has grown it has become increasingly very slow to even move around in the editor. Sometimes it takes 5-10 seconds just to move the mouse cursor from one line of code to another.

      I am running it on a pretty beefy machine.

      When this happens I usually notice that javaw is eating up a ton of cpu cycles.

      Anyone else dealing with this or have any ideas?
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          jylaxx Level 1
          I don't have exactly that, but after some manipulations (that I have not yet determinated) Flex Builder 3 is hanging undefinitly (well a too long time for me at least). I have to kill the process.
          I didn't have these problems with v 2.
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            Gaurav J Adobe Employee
            Do you notice the slow down for all projects or for a specific project?

            You can try bumping up the -Xmx512m to -Xmx768m or -Xmx1024m in FlexBuilder.ini file.

            This file is located under Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\

            Also if your project has grown very large, it may help to break it into smaller libraries and project.

            Also if you are not using Flex Builder 3, you should consider using it (there are some performance improvements in flex builder 3)

            Gaurav Jain
            Flex SDK Team