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    Layer Opacity/Fading?

      Hi, its been a long time since i've used flash. One of the functions that i use to use a lot was fading out a layer at the end of a tween. Usually text. This was like flash 3 or 4. It's been a long time, and some of the options have been changed. I can't find how to change the opacity of a layer. heres an example.

      I have text that goes from a size 12point font, to a size 30point font in a 30 second span. After the 30 second mark, I want this text to fade away by the 35th frame. Can someone please help me with this?

      I am using CS3
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          You have to convert your text object into a Movie Clip - right clip, convert to symbol, movie. Once it is converted to a movie you can do all kinds of things like change opacity from key frame to key frame.

          Once your movie clip is created, click on it while your properties window is open. After you click on it, you'll see the window change. On the right hand side it says "Color" with a drop down menu. In the menu select alpha. It will automatically give you a slider to adjust the opacity/alpha level. Now just select the key frames for your tween and set the alpha levels for the sequence. The trick is that it's easier to make sure the entire timeline is the movie clip. If you start to add keyframes to your text object and then convert to a movie somewhere down the line, it can cause complications. It's better to just convert to a movie from the very beginning - before adding any extra key frames - and then start doing things to it.

          Hope that helps.