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    Getting media from different server

      I have two servers. One that hosts my site and the other where I store media. The storage server is on godaddy, the other is elsewhere. I currently use CFCONTENT to serve media from my website server to viewers. It hides the URL and works just fine. However, I have limited bandwidth and space on the site server and would like to be able to store all the media on the godaddy server and pull the media from the godaddy server through the site since the godaddy server has higher bandwidth limitations and more space.

      CFCONTENT requires the complete file system path to work and I have not been able to figure out what that is for the godaddy server so I have not been able to figure out how to use CFCONTENT to pull from that server. The godaddy server currently offers asp but can have cf on it for very little cost.

      Any ideas on how to link from the site to the godaddy server for the media and still hide the URL to stop people from doing direct linking? Any help would be most appreciated!