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    General Question - Flash or Flex

      I am an executive responsible for a RIA application project for my company... I am not a developer.
      The application we are building involves live video chat, non-live video player, text chat, and more...

      I am trying to create an attractive design which will allow minimizing of different components, drag-drop functions, movement, etc.
      When suggesting working with Flex my designer told me Flex is not as flexible as Flash and limits you in terms of design assets you can use. He was specifically talking about pixel size of the different elements.

      Is this really a limitation? Will I be only able to use the existing templated Flex UI components, or can they be customized / re-designed?

      Thanks foryour help.
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          Garyl Woolworth Level 1
          I would personally go with a mixture of the two. As far as the RIA is concerned with the video chat, text chat, and all of your features I think you would have a much easier time developing those components within Flex then you would Flash. However getting something to really look nice is accomplished much easier within Flash seeing as how Flex's only drawing tools consist of code. So depending on your design itself you can go very very deep into getting something to look good with using CSS Styles themselves however there are limitations that CSS isn't just gonna get the look you want which is when it's time to switch over to what's called "Skinning" this is where you replace the skin of the component itself with one that's more desirable to your design. You can develop your skins or photoshop and use either the exported SWF or image to completely change the look of the component.

          So my conclusion to this is I think developing your application within Flex will produce a much more scalable application in terms of being able to be expanded upon later, however depending on the design you are looking for you will spend a lot more time getting that extra "shadow" just where you want it.

          The other thing you have to ask yourself (and your developer) is what is better suited for your company? I've been inside Flex everyday for over the past year now so I feel very comfortable in writing an application like that within Flex, however lately the only tinkering I do with Flash is freelance and skinning for Flex so I'd have a much more difficult time developing it within Flash. Is your developer more comfortable to accomplish the task in Flash or in Flex? As well as is there time to compensate for a learning curve for your decision of which to use?

          Just my thoughts, hope this helps.
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            ntsiii Level 3

            It is not an either-or proposition Use flex to quickly build the app, navigation, dataFlow, interaction. Use Flash to develop components that look act in special ways that might be difficult in Flex.

            You will need CS3 Flash.

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              YG_NJ Level 1
              Great information...
              I talked to my developer and my designer. They both totally agree...
              Thanks for your help!