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    slide does not transition when expected

      Ok, I searched this forum, but found nothing relevant.

      I have a slide that is set to run for 4.1 seconds (exact length of my audio file) and has an audio track attached to the slide itself. The sound is not looped, and is not more than 4.1 seconds long. I have added an animated gif, which was automatically changed to an avi upon import. I have tried importing this gif as swf, but the situation does not change. The animation wizard that I used to create the gif claims that its run-time is 4.15 seconds, so if there was an overlap, it should not be more than .05 seconds.

      I have also placed a static gif image on the slide, and a transparent caption with text. All additional elements are set to run until end of slide.

      Here's what happens. When I publish or preview the project, the audio stops where it should, but the slide continues to be shown for nearly 19 seconds. This is a very consistent time. I am viewing the output locally on my hard drive, and have also tried publishing it to a test web-server, with no difference.

      Any help would be massively appreciated.
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          Myrddin_Wyllt Level 1
          Problem solved. It was the avi file being placed on the slide. Even though it was configured to end with the slide, because it was created from a gif image that was configured to loop continuously, it forced the slide to remain open. I opened the original gif and saved it as a run-once avi, and then imported it into the slide over the old looping gif-turned-avi, and now my page transitions work exactly as they should.

          I find it peculiar (read: annoying) that this program allowed the animation to override the timing of the slide, in spite of all settings to the opposite effect.