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    i am using mc tween class , but it doesn't always work , online.

      I have been using the MC Tween class, and it seems to work really well, doing everything I tell it to. Locally, that is. But when I post it up online, it is unreliable, and sometimes just doesn't work.

      I have a big site that basically has one main swf and then calls in other swfs. When the other swfs get called in... I typically have movie clips in them that have ,

      [CODE]onClipEvent(load) {this._alpha = 0; }[/CODE]

      And then I tell them to....... alphaTo(100,.4,"linear");

      or something similar to that. But it doesn't always work. And I can't figure out why. One thing I have been doing is....I am 'including' the mc tween class in each swf. Do I only need to include it on the main swf once? Does it perhaps hurt me to put the include code on every sub swf?

      Please help. I am at a loss with this one.