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    loading an swf from Windows projector without Flash Player

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      I have a catalogue of flash games implemented in flash and published as
      Windows Projector names catalogue.exe which uses loadMovieNum() function to
      load a game when a relevant icon is clicked.
      The flash games are sitting in the same folder as swf files. I did not
      convert swf into .exe because exe would not load by loadMovieNum() and I was
      explained that loadMovieNum() loads swf only.
      To run a Windows Projector exe file I do not need Flash player.
      Do I need a Flash Player to run an swf game from within my catalogue.exe ?
      I tested it on two machines and on one it runs ok without Flash Player, on
      the other catalogue.exe runs OK, but when I select a game and a relevant swf
      is loaded I see a white screen.

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          derobinson Level 1
          Projectors package the Flash player into the executable, so it doesn't have to be loaded on the hot machine. I'm not sure what's happening with the white screen though. As long as you are loading the SWF into the projector movie, things should be fine. Remember the scope of the loaded movie changes, but if the movie is working on other computers, then that's probably not the problem.

          Sorry this isn't more helpful, but hopefully, it will help you narrow things down. Good luck!