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    pasting image, width/height not whole pixels!

      I'm having a strange problem when pasting images I've copied from other applications. The width and height of the images are less than the original -- by fractions of a pixel! The widths and heights aren't whole pixels! The only time I've had any luck is when pasting images that were copied via PrtScr, the Windows Snipping tool, another screen capture utility I have, or GIMP.

      I never have the problem importing saved images. And it's not just a measurement issue, if I position the image a 0,0 over a shape or background that's supposed to be the same size, you can see a border on the right and bottom of the image where the background bleeds through, both in the Flash IDE environment, and when published. Smoothing is disabled in the Photoshop import settings just in case.

      I'm running Vista Ultimate x64

      For the sake of testing, I've tried this with multiple sources:

      PrtScr: source - 3200x1600, pasted image: 3200x1600 --- CORRECT
      Snipping Tool: source - 162x141, pasted image: 162x141 -- CORRECT
      ScreenHunter: source - 283x258, pasted image: 283x258 -- CORRECT
      GIMP: source - 700x700, pasted image: 700x700 -- CORRECT
      Photoshop CS3: source - 750x567, pasted image: 749.4x566.5
      Fireworks CS3: source - 526x279, pasted image: 525.1x278.1
      Paint Shop pro: source - 375x375, pasted image: 374.6x374.6

      What in the world is going on?