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    Another Yoube question

      I know this has already been posted before but none of the solutions helped. Every time I go to Youtube now and click on a video it says Javascript is turned off or you have an old version of flash installed. But when I click to the Adobe site to upgrade all it does is refresh the page without beginning the download process. I had to disable the firewall just to get it to download. I even disabled the firewall when I went back to youtube. However that did not solve the problem. I uninstalled Flash and Java restarted my computer and installed the items again and nothing. Not only can I not view the videos but I can't click on certain links on the page. Like when they are describing the video and they have the (more) link to read the rest. I can't click on that. I had IE7 with Yahoo but then I went back to plain IE7 and still no change. I even tried Firefox and it doesn't work there either. I have Windows XP SP2 with IE7 and firefox. Help with either one would make me so happy!

      I even rebooted my entire system thinking that it could have been a virus et al but still no help. It's like it just decided to stop working. Any suggestions would help.