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    Importing MXF files from MPEG-2 Sony XD - Read Error all frames - Red Screen


      When importing a clients files from a recent video shoot, I'm getting the red screen of death, and no video showing in Premiere. The audio files also have a weird looping glitch.


      Looks like the MXF files are MPEG-2 Video (mp2v), Decoded format: Planar 4:2:2 YUV. I think they ran them through AVID at some point. Shot on Sony XD cameras.


      I'm using:

      Adobe Premiere Pro CC v13.0.3

      on macOS v10.14.3 (MacBook Pro 15", 2019 - 2.9 GHz i9)


      Exact error:

      MXF read error in "[File Location] at frame [all the frames.]