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    Serious Issues with Dynamic Link Between Prem Pro and After Effects


      So I've been working on a large project recently, nearing the end of it at this point. I was using one main premier project, linked to 4 Ae projects, (each sorted to contain like effects). Prem pro linked to all 4 of these projects at once just fine, even when all 4 were closed. However one day, out of the blue, prem pro lost connection with all of them. Trying to relink the media resulted in a "generic import error." However, when I attempted to like an Ae project whilst it was open, a connection was made. Everytime i close the project however, the link is lost. This is a serious problem seeing as I have 4 projects and cannot open all of them at once.


      At first I thought it was because my versions were out of date, but upon opening creative cloud to update everything was on the latest version. I tried backdating ae and prem pro so they'd be on a consistent version, but that didnt work either. Further, I can't send files from Ae to Media Encoder to render either, i assume because of this same version inconsistency.


      Currently the only way i can see around this is rendering everything through Ae and putting it into prem pro, which is something I'd rather not do. Dynamic link makes my work flow far far easier.


      I havn't a clue how to fix this, and it's becoming quite the problem.