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    Robohelp 7 Web Admin


      I'm new to Robohelp 7 and I'm having a simply issue that I can't seem to figure out. I'm running Robohelp 7 Server on Windows XP Pro with IIS. The Robohelp 7 Server install was a success but when I try to login to the web admin page, it asks for a username and password.

      During the installation of the Robohelp 7 Server, it never give me the options of what username and password to configure.

      Can anyone tell me how-to login to the web admin or tell me where to change the values.

      Another issue I'm having is in the Robohelp HTML editor. I'm trying to connect to the server which is installed on the same machine and it's giving me "Connection to Server Failed".

      Can anyone tell me where to set the configuration or how to connect to the server?