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    addchild from a class

    Level 7
      I want to add a persons face to a movieClip (faceHolder_mc). The following
      works in my main timeline

      var myFace_mc:faceType1 = new faceType1();

      However in my baseclass Face of the class faceHolder contains the following

      public function addFace():void

      var myFace_mc:faceType1 = new faceType1();
      this.addChild(myFace_mc) ;


      I have also tried


      neither work and I get this error

      TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
      at Face/addFace()
      at BRUM3D_fla::MainTimeline/changeit()

      I call the Face Class using the following in the main menu.

      var startFace:Face = new Face();

      Any ideas?