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    Objects inexplicably shifting!

      In the swf I am creating movie clips or buttons shift slightly when they are given an instance name. The shift is very slight but noticeable in the animation. All the objects on the stage have the same exact coordinates/positioning both on the before and after frames where the shift takes place. The shift isn't seen until the swf is published and played. Strangely, when you zoom in on the swf during playback the shift doesn't occur. Anyone have this same problem? Is there a work around?
      You can see the animation I am referring to at www.jasonburnam.com
      Any feedback would be great. I have also posted the code I have applied to a set of movie clips.

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          clbeech Level 3
          this probably isn't a code issue - more likely that (I'm assuming) the 'text' within the button (mc) is set to 'anti-alias for readability', try setting it to 'anti-alias for animation' and see it that make a difference. also the field has been rotated, it might even be better to 'break apart' the text, to make it a bitmap 'shape'.

          just guesses :)
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            bearnecessid Level 1
            I tried both suggestions and I still have the issue. I have no idea where to go from this point. However, thanks for the help.
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              RossRitchey Level 4
              I have had this issue in the past myself. Typically breaking the text apart works for me no problem.

              As a guess, perhaps you created the button first, and then rotated it for the final display. As such, this could be causing the problem. Perhaps try recreating the button, rotating the text inside of the button, and then breaking it apart to vectors. (As an alternate, you could simply break the button apart down to only vectors, and create a new button out of it.)

              Also, remember to break the text apart in every portion of the button. This means on every state, and every keyframe of the grow animation.