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    dynamic text don't show some characters

      hi guys,
      i'm with a problem.. i have a dynamic text in my flash and it's reading vars from a txt file, but it does not read some portuguese character as ç Ç or accents such as ã â Ã Â...
      i tried to embendding theses characters on my dynamic text, choosing embed>all and it doesn't work...i already tried to write them on the text box and embed>auto fill but it still work!!
      am i missing something? help me,please!
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          You have to use a font that includes the proper glyphs. Arial Unicode MS is
          one such font. You can also Google for Unicode fonts, there's a bunch of
          them, though I think Arial Unicode MS contains the most complete set.

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            Rothrock Level 5
            Well the characters you mentioned should be in most regular fonts as well. They are hardly exotic enough to warrant a complete unicode font. I'm guessing the key something else. Of course it depends upon what font you are using. But most fonts that come with a computer and regular software should have those characters.

            You mention you are reading the vars from a txt file. Try this in the testing environment. Test publish your FLA and once the text file has been read go up to the debug menu and List Variables. Some place there should be the contents of the text file. Do the characters show up correctly there?

            If they don't, then the problem is that Flash isn't reading the text file correctly and no font will be able to fix that. Be sure that you are saving your text file as UTF-8. Flash doesn't play so well with other formats and beyond the basic ASCII range in text files.

            If they do show up correctly in the List Variables. Then you know the problem is with your fonts. As I said most fonts should have those characters so post back if you need more help.
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              _himas_ Level 1
              thanks, it was really usefull... the file was save in ANSI code, I changed it to UTF-8 and now it's working...
              but now I've another problem: the line changes.
              my text file is poetry, and in each line change on the file I have two in flash!! what can I do?
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                Rothrock Level 5
                _himas_ glad that worked out. I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to this one. I think it involves the different ways that text editors save the text file.

                Some place a return (\r) at the end of the line and some place a newline (\n). Yet others put both and some upon finding one will just add another! So in the end, Flash has its own character it is looking for, but it will accept all of them. I think some variation of this is what is going on.

                What I found was that if I wanted to import text into Flash that XML and enclosing the blocks of text in CDATA tags was the best way. It is a bit more complex, but typographically much more sound.

                If you need help with that, look it up on the web and in the help files. Then post back with your questions in a new thread.