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    Small screen to edit

    thomash93813917 Level 1

      i'm not really blind but it is hard for me to see the edit screen because it is so small on my laptop. Is there anyway to enlarge it big time so I can really pinpoint timelines?

      thank you.


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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The only thing I can say is get a larger laptop. For to edit comfortably a 1920x1080 screen is what you need.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Get a larger screen.


            I recommend nothing less than 24" 1080p for this type of work.


            And since there are no Laptops with screens that large, I recommend building a proper workstation.


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              RobShultz Adobe Community Professional

              If you hover your mouse pointer over a certain window/panel and press the tilde (~) key (just to the left of number 1 on most keyboards,) it will temporarily expand that panel to a larger screen. Press tilde again to toggle back to the original size. Of course the others are right, the bigger the screen on your computer the better. Hopefully this will help in the interim.

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                thomash93813917 Level 1

                I asked this question because last night I hit something that did make the edit screen larger. I did not know what I did and I could not reverse it so I exited out.

                After asking the question tonight and getting a few answers I and some help from always helpful people I was able to do it.

                you have to activate the edit screen then push the shift not the Ctrl key and the tilde key and it enlarges. if you need the razor tool all you have to do is activate it and move it to the screen, put the curser with the razor tool on a benign part of the screen, push the shift and tilde and viola it opens the edit screen full size and you can use the razor tool. I know you got to toggle back and forth and it might be a pain in the neck but it can be done.

                thanks for the help folks

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                  byroncortezh Adobe Community Professional

                  I think that no longer depends on Premiere Pro but on the resolution of your interface, go to the Windows or Mac system configuration and lower the screen resolution. The lower the resolution you put the text and the icons will look bigger.