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    Problems with ListEvent.Change. Please advise

      I am having a problem trying to get a custom component working.

      I did not write the component. It is bascally a list with CheckBoxes.

      The component dispatches ListEvent.CHANGE events but apparently this event doesn't exist according to FlexBuilder.

      I looked everywhere with no luck. Oddly enough the adobe reference says it exists yet I can't seem to access it.

      Can anyone offer some advice???
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          Ratsnackbar Level 2
          It exists, it's in the class mx.events.ListEvent.

          To use it in another component that listens to your custom component though you would need to have imported that component and have a variable instantiated for it that you can listen on.

          import mx.events.ListEvent;

          private var myComponent:CustomComponent;

          myComponent.addEventListener(ListEvent.CHANGE, doSomething,false,0.true_

          private function doSomething(event:ListEvent):void{
          //Do something with the event here.