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    Is FDS purchase required for RemoteObject?

    AndyWW Level 1
      The Language Reference indicates at the top of some class descriptions that Flex Data Services is required in order to use that class. However, I have installed Flex without FDS, and I am using some of these classes (notably, RemoteObject) without a problem. Of course, I cannot use the FDS services that require installation of the FDS package; but it seems that I am able to use RemoteObject (and other classes marked as "Adobe® Flex™ Data Services 2 only") even though I have not installed FDS. Does anyone know whether I am going to run into problems down the road? Is it legal for me to use these classes?

      Many thanks for any input on this! Of course, I would especially like to hear something official from Adobe!

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          peterent Level 2
          It really isn't a licensing issue as much as a technical issue. It is possible to use RemoteObject without FDS or LCDS or ColdFusion. As long as you connect to something that has a compatible AMF protocol you can use RemoteObject. However, that's not to say we won't rearrange some SWCs and put server-related classes into SWCs only available when purchasing a Data Services package.

          You can certainly use HTTPService and WebService without any of our server-side products.
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            AndyWW Level 1
            Thank you, Peter, for answering my question! Your presence in these forums is appreciated greatly.

            I am not using the server-side FDS, LCDS, or ColdFusion, and the AMF socket appears to work without a problem with Tomcat. Unfortunately, the possibility that Adobe might choose to make the SWCs for client-side classes unavailable at some future date compels me to look for other solutions. I really like the ability to send serialized POJOs from the server to the client. I will look at HTTPService and WebService next, and only if they are lacking will I look into using a Socket (but there are, of course, problems with traversing the network if I want to provide "public" access).

            Thanks again!