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    HELP! Horizontal Navigation

      I'm having problems to work, must make a horizontal navigation and the like for this site: http://terradonoel.terra.com.br

      Screen with 100% width, with some points to move the movieclip with the mouse.
      I made this code to divide the movieclip in percentage, I do not know if this right:
      Stage.align = "TL";
      Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";

      main.onRollOver = quadro;
      function quadro() {
      this.onEnterFrame = scroll_main;
      delete this.onRollOver;
      function scroll_main() {

      if (main._xmouse>Stage.width*0.01 && _xmouse<Stage.width*0.20) {
      main._x = 0;

      if (main._xmouse>Stage.width*0.21 && _xmouse<Stage.width*0.79) {

      if (main._xmouse>Stage.width*0.80 && _xmouse<Stage.width*0.99) {
      main._x = Stage.width-main._width;


      The bigger problem is that I am not able to insert the action of movement in certain areas, one would help, because i am not a flash programmer.

      This movement would have to be smooth, the more the mouse to the sides was the speed increase. When I was in the area of 20% to 80% the film was stopped.

      Other details include a horizontal bar would be 100% this movieclip, where the user could navigate with the mouse or the bar!

      Please help me!

      Thank you very much!