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    Flash Player 9 - April Security Update

      Flash Player 9 - April Security Update

      Suggestions around and and request for an official line on the new socket security policy file


      I am currently preparing a reccomendation for my employer as to how to prepare our infrastructure for the security update planned for the new April version of the Flash player. We run several business critical services via xml socket connections and it seems we will need to satisfy an XML policy file request on port 843 to ensure these services are supported by the new player.

      At the moment, I am suprised to see Adobe seems to be expecting everyone in this position to develop their own solutions to this, though some of the documentation they have released hints at a "policy file server".

      Is anyone aware of an official Adobe or otherwise licensed solution to this. There's a placeholder for a how-to here : http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/socket_policy_files.html but the content is conspicuous by it's abscence.

      If anyone's aware of a common approach to this, when the player will be released or how to obtain a beta version of the player for testing, please let me know.