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    Making an image in a pic viewer link to an outside site

      I am very new to Flash and have purchased a great set of tutorials from LearnFlash.com. I am currently taking what was taught in the "Building Websites in Flash 8" and tweaking my own site using the ideas. I have a portfolio page that has thumbnails that when clicked on show in a pic viewer. What I want to happen is to take the larger image in the pic viewer and be able to click on it to get to the actual website. Now the guy that teaches in the tutorials likes to make everything a movie clip. I am not sure that I can make a button inside the movie clip of the pic viewer. Maybe some text could show up under the pic viewer giving the name of the site and they can click on that but I would rather have the image in the pic viewer take them to the site. Here is the code that is on the page so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is in AS 2.0.