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    Mouse DoubleClick Event wont register

    Arty13 Level 1
      I have extended the Panel class and added an event listener (MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK) to the titleBar but I can not get it to fire. I've tried other mouse events like CLICK, MOUSE_DOWN, and MOUSE_OVER and they all will fire as expected. But when I try to use DOUBLE_CLICK it wont fire.

      Is it a bug? or is it due to some other reason, like the double click doesnt go through and 2 single clicks go?

      Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


      ----------------------------- Example of code ----------------------------

      override protected function createChildren():void

      this.myTitleBar = super.titleBar;

      this.myTitleBar.addEventListener(MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK, myTitleBar_mouseDoubleClickHandler);